We are Syria Relief Project Team

Part of Al Manar Charitable Trust

The on-going struggle in Syria that has emerged from the brutality of the oppressive Assad regime has left hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in a critical state. Many are struggling to survive and with scarce aid, that struggle is being magnified. The Syrian community in New Zealand has initiated relief programs in order to help alleviate the struggles of the Syrian people. 
These programs include: selling fundraising meals, distributing donation tins around the Auckland area, initiating donation collection campaigns around New Zealand and many more. 
Currently we are working with Ataa for relief and development who are delivering essentials such as food and medicine to those in need inside Syria and those displaced in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey. More information about Ataa can be found on their website.


Established due urgent relief needs


Charitable Trust - Non Profit


Conducting multiple relief projects

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It is evident to most that the on-going struggle in Syria is a catastrophe and one that deserves the attention of the whole world. It is easy for those of us far away from the problem itself to feel a sense of disconnection. The Syrian community of New Zealand, though, feels the need and desire to accumulate as much aid that is possible for the Syrian people struggling back home. Working alongside the wider NZ community, our aim is to organize and implement various relief programs that will hopefully help to lessen the critical life state of many Syrians.

Our main aim is to deliver essentials such as food and medicine not only to those inside Syria but to the millions of displaced Syrians around the region. 

Currently we are working with two different humanitarian organizations that are also running relief programs for the people in Syria and those displaced. Collectively, we can all bring hope for a brighter future in Syria.